"The truth is you could slit my throat, and with my last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt." -Taking Back Sunday ♥

Well you more then likely know me if you're seeing this. I Love You

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Feb 13, 2005
Numero UnE.

. Die For A Kiss..

My face against the gravel feels nice right now
Maybe my face, beat in, will look nice tonight, here I donít fear it. Here fear just isnít
Tomorrow Iíll wear the scars with pride.
Maybe youíll hold my hand. Youíll see that I survived this.
The knives will come swiftly; my blood will flow freely,
and for you Iíll take what comes, for you Iíll take the world
Allow death in whilst it knocks at my door.
So long as youíre happy... Iíll take the world for you.x2

Take it all, I can see the lust in your eyes.
Keep my life; I donít need it at all.
While with you I donít need it. Donít need it; I donít need anything at allx2

This softness feels so fine.
In the silence Iíll whisper the words I feel
You are my handicap, you keep my down.
I gave my life to you; I think Iíll do it again, just for your kiss from you; Iíd give my life to
A kiss from your red lips,
So yeah good bye to you, little girl inside my dreams.
You led me on. You led me on, unto belief.x2
That maybe tomorrow the sun will shine unto my face...


I canít keep myself from failing
Itís like a clock always going around
Doesnít stop unless itís dead
What if I was a clock?
Would you have stopped me long ago?
The constant ticking of my offbeat
Would you have put me in the water?
A deep brown grave of wood and sodder?
Long ago I would think
I can never fail with this
Now I look at things and say
What if the world was more then this?
What if an ant could carry me?
Into its deeps underworld
Would it be better in the cold?
So much seems better then this
Take me back home

Take me back where angels roam.

Engrave it Here.
Well this one is the one I say.
When nothing else can go my way, and my guitar can only take so much, before the strings
break and take whatís left of me with them.
Forget it, forget it all, and this is the last song I sing for you

Forcibly Iíll send my words, youíll never know, never know
Trust me, Iím sorry to disappoint you, my love couldnít last through this.
Maybe when I see you tomorrow, weíll smile, never go back to what is only a use to be.

Engrave your name right here in my arms, so even after I stop singing
I wonít forget what you mean, you are my handicap
Hopefully one day youíll hear this song, and know how much I loved you.
Youíll never know, never know.

Unnamed. (Started 11/12/04)

I fall trying to figure out if Iím awake or dead, my happiness depending on another blank
page 2 years down the drain, somehow it seems this has happened before, and you came
back into my life. Only to try to kill me again, with my pen/knife, you intend to take my life.
This will the last time, that you take my breath. This will be the last time I wasted tears on
you, youíre not worth this, NOT WORTH THIS. A bloody knife, a cut scabs then scars, you
impediment my healing, your words tear the scabs away. My heart is broken.

Posted at 05:31 pm by DarkStar2003
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